Creamy Cauliflower Pasta Sauce

This sauce started as a really simple effort and turned into the most complicated bloody dish I have ever concocted.

That being said, it was beyond delicious and so satisfying whilst ticking all the boxes in terms of nutrition.


I’m going to list essential ingredients first and then you can select which added extras you would like to pick for yourselves.

1 head of cauliflower steamed in a small bit of water

1 parsnip, chopped into small thin pieces.

1 leek (this is quite strong tasting so if you are not a fan, you can leave it out)….then the secret will be that there is no leek 🙂

3 cloves of garlic

Cream (since I was introduced to it recently, I use the avonmore cooking cream as it has 50% less fat and makes for a healthier dish – this is not a paid promotion).

Grated parmesan – I use quite a bit…usually about 100g.


Added optional extras;

The ones I used…

A flat teaspoon of harissa

A squeeze of lemon

A sprinkle of sumac on each finished dish

A dash of tamari

A tablespoon of white miso

Possible extras I didn’t use-

Toasted Cumin seed



Basil instead of thyme


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