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#SUSTAIN is not just another online programme. It offers ongoing support in addition to education so that you can attain your goals. With #SUSTAIN, the emphasis is on you and your individual needs. Consequently, you get a custom made plan specific to your goals.

Is There Any Such Thing As A Quick Fix?

We all wish there was a magic pill – go on – admit it! Do you wish that there was that one thing that got you the real results you wanted. That one thing that gave you the body you wanted without feeling hungry, giving up the glass of red wine you loved or the bar and a half of chocolate you craved. The truth is that if you want those fast results, you simply have to do the hard work and cut the things you love. The problem with this approach is that often times, you revert right back to old habits and quickly put back on the weight that you first lost. If you would prefer results that last, then a more sustainable approach is warranted.

#SUSTAIN is not a magic pill. It is a system that will help you to eat better food and will provide you with all over better nutrition. We will teach you how to move more, where to start and how to progress. The best part of this is that throughout the programme, we will be there every step of the way to answer your questions and provide feedback.

What Do You Actually Get in #SUSTAIN?

  1. You submit your 5 day food diary. We will identify nutritional deficiencies. We will then set weekly goals to eliminate these deficiencies.
  2. You will receive :
    • A 4 week plan with weekly dietary goals
    • Weekly videos with advice on how to change the way you eat for the better
    • Weekly links to pilates and exercise videos that you can do at home
  3. You will get a list of recipes that you can try at home. Each recipe is easy to make. Each recipe features a range of nutritious ingredients.
  4. You will get a step by step guide on how to create your own eating plan. This will empower you to take control of your eating plan in the future.
  5. You will receive guidance and weekly advice on how to complete the “Just One Mile” programme. This is simply 12 minutes of exercise a day. It will bring you from zero to hero and I promise you will love it.
  6. Best of all, you will go through this whole plan with ongoing contact with Fiona at West Cork Fit. As a result, you will receive answers to all your ongoing questions.

To sign up, send a request through our contact page or send a DM on instagram

Each level of #SUSTAIN costs only €120. If you bring a friend,on the journey with you, your fee drops to €99. Make the change now and get in touch to sign up for the next level.

Make sustainable changes with #SUSTAIN

Sustainable changes made with lifestyle changes and nutritional intervention

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